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Laing is one of the famous signature Filipino dishes originally popular in the Bicol region of the Philippines. This delicious Philippine delicacy has the taro leaves or 'dahon ng gabi' as the main ingredient plus pork and shrimp paste . It is then added with coconut cream, coconut milk, and some spices. This Pilipino dish is often sought for in a Filipino restaurant, birthday party, wedding receptions, binyag (Christening) celebrations, Noche Buena (Christmas eve dinners), and in any ordinary parties, festivities, special occassions, even picnics or Pot Lucks. Laing, a favorite specialty Filipino food recipe is cooked in about half an hour.

Ingredients and Preparations for Cooking LAING:

    1 lb dried, crushed or shredded taro or gabi leaves (usually one pack)
    1/2 lb diced pork
    1 cup of coconut cream (malapot na gata or kakang gata)
    1 medium-sized of chopped red onion
    1 tablespoon of cooking olive oil (oil from the fried pork can be used)
    2 tablespoons of minced ginger
    2 pieces of chopped jalapeno pepper (variable according to how spicy)
    4 cups of coconut milk (malabnaw na gata) - 2 cans
    4 cloves of minced garlic
    1/4 cup shrimp paste (alamang na bagoong)
    seasoning salt (preferrably iodized)

Procedures and Instructions How to Cook Laing:

1. Put the oil in a casserole.
2. Saute the garlic, onion, ginger.
3. Add the pork and saute until golden brown in color.
4. Add the taro or gabi leaves and shrimp paste (alamang na bagoong).
5. Pour in the coconut milk (malabnaw na gata).
6. Wait until the mixture comes to a boil then simmer for 15 minutes.
7. Add the jalapeno pepper.
8. Add the coconut cream (kakang gata) and simmer for 5 minutes.
9. Season with salt.
10. Serve hot.

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